Mallets- Professional Models (By order)

Mallets found in our professional models have been carefully designed with specific weights and special characteristics that allow the player to draw substantial tone from the instrument.

Mallets- Regular Models (By order)

Covering a wide range of styles, Yamaha’s Regular Models mallets possess a handmade quality similar to our Virtuoso line. Regular Models mallets are lighter in weight for enhanced endurance, yet can produce a solid rich tone.

Mallets- Educational Models (By order)

Designed especially for students, the Educational series provides an ideal combination of weight and balance perfectly suited for younger players. The hollow shafts are of flexible, durable FRP with a non-slip finish. (FRP: Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

Mallets- Keiko Abe Signature Models (By order)

Designed in close collaboration with Keiko Abe, her Signature Series Mallets are designed to draw out the most from both the performer’s technique and tone from the instrument in compositions that require exceptional technique. Ideal for advanced players, these mallets are much heavier than regular mallets. This causes the marimba’s tone bars to resonate fully creating a sound that has been up until now, difficult to obtain.