Mallets- Keiko Abe Signature Models (By order)

Designed in close collaboration with Keiko Abe, her Signature Series Mallets are designed to draw out the most from both the performer’s technique and tone from the instrument in compositions that require exceptional technique. Ideal for advanced players, these mallets are much heavier than regular mallets. This causes the marimba’s tone bars to resonate fully creating a sound that has been up until now, difficult to obtain.

Yarn wound Mallets

ModelColored Hardness Core Size Core Feature Shaft Length
MKA-01Red   Two-tone Ø30x23mm Dual-core   Rattan 430mm
                                      with synthetic
MKAW-01Red   Two-tone Ø30x23mm Dual-core   Birch 430mm
                                        with synthetic
MKA-02Pink VeryHard Ø30x20mm with additional Rattan 400mm
MKAW-02Pink VeryHard Ø30x20mm with additional Birch 400mm
MKA-03Orange Hard Ø30x20mm with additional Rattan 400mm
MKAW-03Orange Hard Ø30x20mm with additional Birch 400mm
MKA-04Yellow Hard Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Rattan430mm
                                  rubber tube (1mm)
MKAW-04Yellow Hard Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Birch430mm
                                  rubber tube (1mm)
MKA-05Light Medium Ø30x23mmDual-corewith Rattan430mm
Green                     Hard  rubber tube (1mm)
MKAW-05Light Medium Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Birch430mm
Green                     Hard     rubber tube (1mm)
MKA-06Green Medium  Ø30x23mm Dual-core withRattan430mm
             Soft                         rubber tube (1mm)
MKAW-06Green Medium  Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Birch430mm
             Soft                        rubber tube (1mm)
MKA-07Blue Soft Ø30x23mm Dual-core with    Rattan   430mm
                                   rubber tube (1mm)
MKAW-07Blue Soft Ø30x23mm Dual-core with    Birch   430mm
                                 rubber tube (1mm)
MKA-S7 Blue VerySoft  Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Rattan 430mm
& Light Blue                  rubber tube (1mm)   
MKAW-S7Blue   Very Soft Ø30x23mm Dual-core with Birch 430mm
& Light Blue                       rubber tube (1mm)   
MKA-08Light  Very Soft Ø33x23mm Dual-core withRattan430mm
Blue                                   rubber tube (2mm)
MKAW-08Light Very Soft Ø33x23mm Dual-core withBirch430mm
Blue                                  rubber tube (2mm)
MKA-09Purple Extra  Ø36x23mm Dual-core withRattan430mm
           Soft                      rubber tube (2mm)
MKAW-09Purple Extra Soft Ø36x23mm Dual-core withBirch430mm
                                          rubber tube (2mm)