Mallets- Educational Models (By order)

Designed especially for students, the Educational series provides an ideal combination of weight and balance perfectly suited for younger players. The hollow shafts are of flexible, durable FRP with a non-slip finish. (FRP: Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

FRP Shaft Model

ModelsMaterial Hardness Core size Length  Recommended 
ME-10WHytrel   H$S     ø20mm 345mmGlockenspielXylophone
(Dual Head)   
ME-101Rubber  VH      ø25mm 375mmGlockenspielXylophone
ME-102Rubber   H       ø25mm 375mmXylophoneMarimba
ME-103Rubber  MH     ø25mm 375mmXylophoneMarimba
ME-104Rubber  MS     ø25mm 375mmXylophoneMarimba
ME-105Rubber   S          ø25mm           375mm      Marimba
ME-201YarnWound  H    ø25x20mm     385mm      Marimba
ME-202YarnWound  MH ø25x20mm     385mm      Marimba
ME-203YarnWound  MS ø25x20mm     385mm      Marimba
ME-204YarnWound    S  ø25x20mm     385mm      Marimba
ME-301CordWound   H  ø25x20mm     385mm    Vibraphone
ME-302CordWound MH ø25x20mm     385mm    Vibraphone
ME-303CordWound MS ø25x20mm     385mm    Vibraphone
EH: Extra Hard, VH: Very Hard, H: Hard, MH: Medium Hard, MS: Medium Soft, S: Soft, VS: Very Soft, ES: Extra Soft